How to create or edit a Free Availaility Calendar

Would you like to create/edit an availability calendar for your property and don't know how to do it? Here is a short guide!

Step 1 (create): Register to

Step 2 (create): Create and Availaibility Calendar

Step 1 (edit): Find an existing Availaibility Calendar

If you already registered and created a calendar, you can always update it. You can see all your calendars in the menu on the left side, like in the picture below

Step 2 (edit): Edit an existing Availaibility Calendar

Step 3: Set your property name

Step 4: Set your property availability periods

In order to do this, select a state and click on a begin and end date. The following 4 images will show you how to do it. Repeat this step till your calendar looks perfect!
4a. Choose the state of the period: High or low season? Available or booked?

4b. Select the beginning date of the period

4c. Select the ending date of the period

4d. Now, the calendar should look like this

Step 5: Set your property description

Step 6: Save the changes made to your availability calendar