Best practice rules for your Availability Calendar

Your availability calendar is a great tool for your future visitors because it gives them full visibility of the periods when your property is available, in a calendar format. This way, potential guests can decide faster what period suits them best and contact you directly in order to book their stay at your rental, without wasting time with email or telephone inquiries about times when your property may be already booked.

The availability calendar it also a great tool for you as a property owner. By allowing potential visitors to see the availability of your property straight away, you will have to respond to less email inquiries and you will minimize the risk that they book another property because you fail to reply to their availability inquiry fast enough. This way, the conversion rate for your rental property will increase.

In order for this to happen, your future guests need to be directed to the exact location of your on-line bookings calendar. You can find the direct link to your availability calendar either in the menu on the left hand side of every page of (when logged in), or in the email notification you received when you created the calendar.

In order to maximize your conversion rate by keeping your guests informed about the availability of your property we advise you to observe the best practice rules below:

  1. Update your availability calendar every time you receive a new booking confirmation
  2. If your property has a website, place a link to your Availability Calendar in your main menu
  3. If you have a personal or a property blog, place the direct link to your Availability Calendar in your links section
  4. If you have a personal or property blog, write an entry about
  5. Every time you place an ad about your rental property, don't forget to add the link to your Availability Calendar
  6. Update your current ads by adding the link to the Booking Calendar for your rental

If you follow these 6 simple rules, you will never receive inquiries for already booked periods. If you still do, ask the guests where they found your ad and update that specific ad with a direct link to your Availability Calendar